The Printed Cup Company


The Paper Cup Company - Green Earth Appeal 

The Printed Cup Company joined the Green Earth Appeals Carbon Free Company initiative in April 2011 to counterbalance the carbon footprint of paper cups. Customers of The Printed Cup Company have the option to pay just 99p to counterbalance the carbon footprint of 1000 printed paper cups.

This shows their customers their sustainable values. The Printed Cup Company has been manufacturing paper cups in the UK since April 2012. Although the board used to make the cups is FSC certified, it is virgin board meaning The Printed Cup Company want to give something back to the environment.

The benefits of The Printed Cup Company’s tree planting commitment are twofold; through the absorption of the carbon associated with the production and transportation of printed paper cups, on a global level, they are supporting some of the poorest communities in the developing world. Most of the trees planted recently on behalf of The Printed Cup Company have been planted in poverty-stricken Haiti, giving significant work opportunities to the rural communities dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake and the associated disease and lack of food.

The Printed Cup Company has won a Green Apple Award for their environmental efforts and were finalists in e3’s Sustainable Business of the Year award. We have planted trees for Renault Trucks, Vauxhall, Audi, BMW, LIDL, Ted Baker and many more big brands who take their corporate responsibility seriously.

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