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Tanzania is a region in East Africa, situated just south of the Equator, historically well known for its wilderness and abundance of animals and creatures, Tanzania was a hotspot for diversity and life.

However, with a rapidly expanding population, comes increased energy consumption and unfortunately, 88% of the total energy used in Tanzania is estimated to come from wood. The need for energy has resulted in deforestation on a huge scale, so much so many forests in East Africa are among the top 10 endangered forests on the planet.

Communities living in poverty are really feeling the effect of deforestation, families are raising their children on unstable ground, liable to landslides and flooding. A lack of trees affects the people of Tanzania in more ways than one, trees provide nutrients to the soil, helping create fertile land which farmers can grow crops.

For a number of years, The Green Earth Appeal has been planting fruit-trees in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania helping transform the region. The fruit each tree bears is a food source for families, and surplus fruit is taken to the local market and sold which allows parents to provide their children with an education.

The trees provided also help improve soil quality, raise the water table, reduce inland flooding and landslides and provide a habitat for many of Tanzania’s endangered species.

The community in the region is being educated on the best way to use their land, resulting in a better understanding of the effects of deforestation and the benefits of planting trees. They are also provided with tools and infrastructure, which results in aid-reliant communities being able to support themselves through farming, now and for generations to come.

It’s thanks to our partners and their passions for helping those forced to live in abject poverty, and for the environment that, ultimately is helping end poverty and save the planet.