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Tahola takes making business decisions to new heights. With Tahola, businesses worldwide are making smarter, more informed and more profitable business choices every day.

Tahola has been delivering in-depth data collection solutions for some of the worlds biggest brands for over 15 years. Tahola has helped brands such as Yo Sushi, Caffe Nero and David Lloyd to collect, display and clearly understand their daily, weekly and monthly business performance, allowing them to take better actions and improve business even further.

As well as helping businesses improve their profitability, Tahola is also encouraging their partners to consider their business sustainability too! Tahola recognises that businesses have a duty of sustainable business practice, and that is why they have partnered with The Green Earth Appeal.

Working hand-in-hand with their clients, Tahola plants hundreds of fruit trees each month with The Green Earth Appeal. The fruit trees planted by Tahola and their clients are planted in the developing world, meaning not only do they help to counterbalance the carbon impact of their business, but the trees also provide food, income, education and infrastructure to developing world communities.




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