Gift Me a Tree

Gift Me a Tree

Green Earth Appeal - Gift Me a Tree

Gift Me a Tree is the international tree planting app that celebrates your birthday in the carbon coolest way possible, connecting you and your friends with nature through the touch of a button, Gift Me A Tree gives you the power to plant a fruit tree in a country of your choice.

What’s more, your friends will be able to plant trees in honor of your birthday! Not only is it less costly than the average birthday card, but it helps to prevent and even reverse unnecessary deforestation around world!

Each tree planted either by you or for you, will be put on display in your own personal forest which you’ll be able to share with your friends on Facebook. Watch as it grows year by year and keep a record of the great things you’re doing to help combat climate change, poverty and protect the natural world…. just by being you!

Through simple tree planting initiatives such as Gift Me A Tree, we are able to offer individuals in developing countries a chance to create a sustainable not only for their community but in turn for the planet we all share.

Start your forest today and we’ll plant your first tree for free!