Restaurant Food Waste… not for Marco Pierre White, James Martin and Judy Joo.

Within the hospitality sector there is an understanding of an inevitable level of food waste. Yet it is feasible and acceptable to offset a restaurants/hotels Food Waste in a socially and environmentally responsible way. The United Nations Environment Programmes backed “Food For Thought” initiative costs absolutely nothing to participate in, yet restaurants benefit tremendously from a win win partnership – a opportunity taken up by Marco Pierre White, James Martin and Judy Joo.

Consider this. A restaurant cannot avoid producing food waste, however by giving its diners the opportunity of including just 99p on a groups bill, the food waste and carbon footprint associated with the evening are effectively offset.
How? The Green Earth Appeal, through a network of NGOs and charities guarantees that for each 99p collected a single fruit tree in planted in the developing world by farmer who could currently be standing at the back of a truck collecting aid.
By empowering these farmers and their communities with fruit trees, restaurants are offsetting their food waste and carbon footprint, while at the same time providing a sustainable lifestyle and removing the need for aid to many thousands of people. Marco Pierre White Nottingham have provided almost 10k, without costing a penny to the business.
The Green Earth Appeal provide legal documentation to confirm the trees have been planted and even utilise there PR team to promote the restaurants social and environmental credentials in the local media. They also work on environmental award nominations to ensure the restaurants and their diners receive the full credit for the priceless contribution they make.
When we talk about CSR if it’s not win/win/win, it’s not true CSR –, The Green Earth Appeals Food For Thought Initiative ticks all the boxes.
If you would like to know how your restaurant may qualify to participate please feel free to contact us –

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