“The project will raise and plant trees of the species Pittosporum Resineferum or Petroleum Nut for the following purposes:

  1. Provide a tree where farmers can harvest petroleum nut fruits which will be sources of sustainable petroleum for cooking, lighting, heating and running small engines
  2. Reforest idle deforested areas with petroleum nu so that these will serve as a carbon sink and other greenhouse gasses.

One hundred farm families will be involved in this project.

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Community Support: The community will provide the following:

  1. Land for nursery establishment
  2. Labour for raising seedlings and saplings
  3. The communal forest where the trees will be planted
  4. Will carry out the tree planting activities and manage the communal forest

Total number of trees which will be planted: 100,000 trees

What types of trees will be planted? Pittosporum Resineferum

Purchasing Sapling or growing from seeds? We will gather seeds from the wild

Total project funding: $7,770″

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