“Tanzania faces a big challenge of deforestation.

A big part of the land is left bare. No trees left, only bushes.

The program has worked with the community to plant trees in all affected areas. However, the spirit of engaging the community to plant the trees is taking place very slowly as compared to the current tree needs.

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The program aims to plant 75,000 trees in 150 acres located in villages by 2019, each year 20,000 trees. This goal has remained without being met due to a shortage of funds.

The project will involve primary and secondary school children. They will be involved in planting trees in their own village, at the area where chose to implement the project.

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The overall benefit is the rehabilitation of the areas which have lost their natural vegetation caused by intensive tobacco producers early in the 1980s. This challenge is limiting food production. With tree planting, the food production will be increased, both in size and quality.

Children involved in tree planting will be empowered to care for nature and environment. This is because they will be part of the great change and they will have experienced the process of planting trees.

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Community Support:  The local community support has been manifested. Acres for planting the trees have been provided by the community at a low price. With their contribution, the project has 150 acres of land now. This is very significant for the great future of the project. The rehabilitation of the land will be of great value.

Total number of trees which will be planted: 75000

What types of trees will be planted:  Pines and teak”

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