“Project Name: Village Reforestation

Project Description: Planting of tamarind, coconut and acacia trees for food and firewood in the flood-prone rural village.


  • To control erosion along irrigation canals.
  • To have a source of fire woods for cooking foods.
  • To establish the source of materials for livelihood projects.
  • To have windbreaks during times of typhoons.
  • As a sanctuary for birds, spiders and various beneficial organisms.

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Community Support: Villagers, 3 schools, 9 churches & 2 farmer organizations and village legislation of tree planting project.
Council will implement ordinances, rules and regulations. We will organize a kick-start program and incorporate into our “feast day” as tree festival.

3,000 seedlings (transplanting ages) will be planted on Roadsides, along canals and house yards.”

The trees will be Fruit & firewood trees that withstand typhoons.

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